what does wilmington al-anon information service do?

Our primary purpose is public outreach.

In an effort to share how Al-Anon has helped us and can help others, we:

• Maintains listings online and in local newspapers.

• Maintains a P.O. Box so it can be registered with the World Service Office (Al- Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.) and listed in the

World Directory.

• Receives mail and phone inquiries, and addresses or channels appropriately.

• Publishes and distributes lists of group meetings.

• Coordinates local Public Outreach and Institutions work.

• Holds regularly scheduled meetings attended by WAIS officers, committee chairs, coordinators, and an Information Service Representative (ISR) from each group in the area served. Group problems are discussed in the light of the Twelve Traditions. WAIS meetings are open to all Al-Anon members.

• Prints and distributes its own newsletter of local activities when there is an editor.

• May conduct workshops on the Al-Anon program.


Wilmington Al-Anon Information Service

P.O Box 12706 Wilmington, NC  28405